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Win a free Versa 5G DWC kit


With any Purchase or review of your Versatile Hydroponics experience your are entered into a quarterly drawing for a Versa 5G DWC kit seen above. Shipping rates do apply but the price of kit can be redeemed towards a larger purchase which maybe eligible for free shipping, The drawings will occur the first business day of the listed months.
January,March,June,September. To be entered just make a purchase or leave a review one week (7 days) in advance. if you make a purchase and leave a review you will be entered twice. With any additional questions please contact us at

Spend $200 or more and receive a 4 site propagation bucket

With any single order totalling over $200 you will receive a 3.5G

4 SHOT propagation bucket (seen above) thiis is not the kit just the buckket. unless the order declares it will ship free with your order. With any additional questions please contact us at

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